Web Advanced: Mobile Design

Week 12



  • Students present their helpful app concepts
  • Review wireframes/homework
  • Time permitting: watch Fyre Island documentary


  • Based on today’s critique, pick one idea to evolve. Create a sitemap (can just be a list) of all the pages that you’d need to design your app if you were designing the whole product. From the sitemap, select a few keypages (5 to 10) that highlight the most crucial parts of the app – you will be working with these pages for the end of the semester. Create basic wireframes for these pages that highlight the content hierarchy and feel consistant but are not indicative of the final design. Then, begin developing the art direction for your app – create a moodboard for your app that highlights the overarching creative direction that you’ll realize throughout the design. Consolidate everything into one presentation – PDF, google slides, or InVision.
  • Save your presentation in the Week 13 google drive
  • Read Fyre Festival Designer Oren Aks Opens Up – Emily Gosling and write a discussion question