Web Advanced: Mobile Design

Week 3



  • Take 15 minutes and read this conversation
  • Upload all 3 of your screens into an invision prototype (optional, use the craft plugin)
  • Critique process & activity
  • For the activity: Write your name and include a link to your invision link at the top of your notes document. Save the notes document to our google drive
  • Revise your project based on feedback.
  • 1 on 1 feedback


  • Finish and revise your Reading at Different Sizes exercise based on feedback from in class or on your invision
  • Read through our next activity Transaction and complete steps 1 and 2. Create a short presentation (slides, paper, or PDF) that introduces your idea, showcases your research, and includes a list of all the steps necessary to complete your transaction
  • Read Drowning the Crystal Goblet (as well as The Crystal Goblet if you’ve never read it). Come prepared with a discussion question.