Web Advanced: Mobile Design

Week 4



  • Discuss Crystal Goblet readings
  • Present Reading at Different Sizes Activity (save your link in this week’s google drive)
  • Presentation order: Arani, Honglin, Olivia, Natashia, Yuzheng, Shreya, Cindy, Demi, Esther, Ruowen, Haoyu, Jacqueline, McKayla, Ellie, Nico, Alicia, Simon, Trevor
  • If you’re on deck, you are the first responder
  • Wireframes & Userflows and how to create an interactive prototype
  • Work on transaction activity


  • Finish your Transaction activity and save the sketch cloud or InVision link in a google doc in the week 5 folder of the homework drive. Make sure to test it out on your device.
  • Read History of Computer Net Art by Thomas Dreher and come to class with a discussion question