Web Advanced: Mobile Design

Desktop to Mobile Comparison


To start our study on mobile design, let’s investigate what changes between screen sizes. Consider what’s added, omitted, and what formal design aspects have updates.


  1. Find 3 examples of websites that change from desktop to mobile (can be a separate app or just a website). Try to find ones that have a seamless experience on both, however, if you find bad examples, those are fair game, also. (limit to 1 bad example).
  2. Here are some things to observe: layout changes, type changes, hierarchy changes, use of location, hidden fields.
  3. Document your findings in a google slides presentation, dropbox paper, or PDF with screenshots and links to the websites. Have a couple bullet points for each entry.
  4. Title your slide document as “Firstname-Lastname_Comparison”
  5. Save your presentation to the homework drop in the week 2 folder.


September 4