Web Advanced: Mobile Design

FINAL — Helpful App


Are.na, a platform for organizing research, was created around the idea of generosity and aims to provide a healthy way of using the internet. As a designer, you have the ability to create experiences for users that influence how they use their time and see the world. With this in mind, create a mobile application that’s meant to be helpful in some way. Perhaps it’s a tool to help your life in a small way, such as an app that helps you remember friends birthdays or maybe it’s something a little bigger in scope that helps bring awareness to a social issue. Consider what would be helpful to an audience larger than just yourself and develop a thoughtful app experience to support it.


  • The final deliverable for this will be a presentation that explains your concept, highlights the most memorable parts of the design and the design process, highlights an extension of the brand (what would be an interesting extension that supports your concept? Ideas: social media design, email design, t shirt or memorabilia. Only show something that speaks to the brand concept) and ends in a demo of a clickable prototype.
  • Your prototype does not have to be the complete app. Instead, it should highlight the main screens as well as a few interactions that highlight the purpose of the app and show off the design language.


Check the agenda for more details

November 12th – Three concepts
November 19th – Wireframes and visual design explorations
November 26th – Draft of prototype and revised visual design and art direction
December 3rd – Revised draft of prototype and draft of presentation
December 10th – Final presentation: concept, brand extension and prototype