Web Advanced: Mobile Design

MIDTERM – Screen Time


Surrounded by screens, the digital revolution has transformed our day to day lives in numerous ways. Some of these changes are helpful – making work more efficient, connecting different parts of the world together, and the ability to learn from each other easily are a few of them. Some of the changes have impacted the way we view ourselves, what the content we interact with looks like, and have created habits that may be harmful in the long run. These changes are not unnoticed, where even phone manufacturers such as Apple are providing information on our phone usage and provide options to curb your usage. For this next project, I’d like you to reflect on your own phone use and highlight something about your findings. It does not have to take a cynical approach, but it should feel like an honest reaction to whatever you observe.


  1. Study your phone usage and document your findings in an are.na board. Findings can be notes, screenshots, drawings, images, screencaptures, videos etc.
  2. Once you have some data, reflect on your research. How do you use your phone? Do you do something different than what your classmates do? Are there any patterns in the content you spend the most time with? Are you surprised by any of your findings? Is there some kind of content you gravitate towards?
  3. Based on your research, pick a topic to highlight for your project. Create a series of three short videos/animations around this one topic. Your videos should feel unified in the sense that they should feel like different iterations of one system and part of one concept.
  4. House your videos on a simple responsive website. (programmed)

Video Specs

  1. 1080 x 1080 pixels (other sizes OK)
  2. mp4 format
  3. less than 5mb
  4. each video should be less than 30 seconds


October 29