Web Advanced: Mobile Design

Reading at Different Sizes


Many people use their phones as a device for reading. While we reflect on our own thoughts on the internet, let’s practice creating a comfortable and thoughtfully designed experience at a variety of screen sizes.


  1. Write a journal entry about your first memories of using the internet. The entry can be as long as you’d like, but 2 paragraphs is a good number to aim for.
  2. Using what you know so far about responsive design, design a simple website that captures the spirit of the text. Have fun and have justifications for why you chose to design it in such a way and for what you choose to add to the text, if anything. (I.e Photographs, illustrations etc.)
  3. Design your homepage at 3 screen sizes: wide screen (1440 x 900), laptop (1200 x 800), and mobile (use the dimensions of the phone you have)
  4. Preview your design using sketch mirror
  5. Upload all 3 versions to an InVision document.

Writing References

Consider different ways of writing your response. Anything is fair game, but here are a few different approaches if you don’t know where to begin:

Stream of Consciousness

Combining Images and Text

Responding to Something Specific

Collections of other people’s memories:


September 10, with in class workshop to refine